2016 Bevly-Beal Farms

Chicks listed as straight run means the gender is unknown.  Chicks are not held without payment.  They are sold on a first come basis.  Chicks are very fragile and are only guaranteed for 24 hours after pick up.  Text 3614380904 to purchase.

White Silkie 10.00
10 days old white silkie. Straight Run. Needs heat source
Smooth Satin 15.00
Smooth satin 10 days old. Blue creme. Straight run. Needs Heat
Naked Neck Silkie 15.00
Silkie NN 10 days old. May be red pyle. Straight Run. Needs heat
Naked Neck Silkie 15.00
NN Silkie 10 days old. Straight run. White or red pyle. Needs heat
White Silkie Hen 25.00
White Silkie Hen. One Year old. Laying.
Silkie Rooster 15.00
White silkie Rooster. 7 Months old. Fertile
Lavander 15.00
Lavander smooth satin mix. Straight run
Lavander 15.00
Smooth Satin mix. Straight run. Lavander
Blue silkie Rooster 5.00
Gentle blue silkie rooster. Pure bred with a crooked comb. Protective with his girls but very gentle and good with people.
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